Welcome to our vending machine website dedicated to these wonderful machines that dispense all manner of items such as soda drinks, candy, snacks, beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, and all manner of other goods. These electronic machines will take a payment from the customer (usually coinage) and then dispense the goods automatically.
Everyone loves a good vending machine

Everyone loves a good vending machine

Although vending machines are most well known dispensing the usual goods such as beverages and snacks, recently companies have introduced all manner of vending machines that disperse more exotic items such as digital cameras, toys or iPods.

These automatic retailing machines make a very convenient selling outlet for industry and can commonly be found in public buildings, rail stations, bus stations and subways, gas stations, hospitals, taxi offices, repair shops and even in supermarkets and grocery stores. They make a great addition to any business that has consumers gather or wait around, as they make a great captive, bored audience.
Nowadays businesses and private owners like to buy vending machines as they make a great passive income. Fill it with the product, set the price then just return periodically to retrieve the cash and re-fill with goods. Ususally the vendor who installs the vending machine in a business will look after the machine, service and maintain it in return for a cut of the revenue collected. This way both parties benefit.
Even though vending machines provide a great and useful 24/7 service to consumers, they have also courted controversy. Many schools and hospitals have come under fire for offering an unlimited supply of unhealthy high-sugar and low nutrient snacks to children and patients.
The classic cigarette vending machine has also seen a sharp decline. At one time they could be seen everywhere, but now because of the dangers of underage buyers they are seen much less.
Popular vending machines right now include
  • Food Vending Machines
  • Drink Vending Machine
  • Snack Vending Machines
  • Beverage Vending Machines
  • Soda Machine
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